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Pillsbury coupons

Posted by : | On : 14-11-2019 | Comments (0)
Pillsbury coupons

The mobile has been a fast growing technology than any that has been introduced in the past 50 years and the mobile coupons are what we need to look out for. Surveys that have been conducted have shown that about 55% of the people who have mobile phones will try out the mobile coupons. Their penetration within the market is growing and soon thy will become the most popular type of coupons.

The mobile Pillsbury coupon is a promotion where merchants have been permitted to send the electronic coupons to cell phones. The difference of this electronic coupon is that it can be read almost immediately unlike the others sent via email or are found in the sites. The mobile coupon can be delivered in different forms digitally that is, coupon codes that are unique, Universal Product Code or QR.

Redemption of these Pillsbury coupons can be done by barcode scanners, or entering the unique number at the Point of sale machine that prints out the paper coupon. In small scale businesses, they customer needs to show the coupon when exiting the store so as to redeem it.

The benefits of the mobile coupons over the traditional coupons

The efficiency of the mobile Pillsbury coupons in terms of cost and delivery is far much better than the traditional coupons. The paper coupons will not offer any link between the company and the buyer of the products. The mobile campaigns that are legitimate are authorized creating the link with the person who opts to use them. The loyalty program of the mobile coupon is great due to the high promotional value provided by the coupons. The redemption rate of the mobile coupons is higher than either the newspaper or online coupons.

Benefits to the consumer

  • The mobile coupon will be convenient as all they need is their phone and will not have to carry loads of coupons in their pockets
  • The redemption of the mobile Pillsbury coupon is very easy
  • The privacy of the consumer using these coupons is protected
  • It cost them nothing to receive the offers
  • The coupons are updated automatically.
  • The mobile coupons offers the consumer interactive options that are more enhanced
  • There is good presentation and storage of the coupons that are sent.
  • There is no junk mail

There are challenges of redeeming the mobile coupons and also being able to deliver them in large numbers. Permission is required from the phone user for the coupon’s to be delivered to the phone unlike in emails where they are sent as junk mail.

Another challenge is when the consumer abuses the redemption of the coupon where they use it more than once. If a scanner of the barcode is not used it will happen as many times. This no problem for the coupons on paper but they also have their challenge of counterfeits.

Promotion is the target of the coupons and will do no harm to it if the consumers abuse the redemption policy as they will have purchased more than one item of the product.

Pillsbury Coupon


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