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Giordanos Coupons

Posted by : | On : 25-05-2013 | Comments (0)
Giordanos Coupons

Where You Can Find The Giordanos Coupons

When you are in the mood for a really delectable pizza, then having a Giordanos coupon can really come in handy. These coupons are printable online and are worth anywhere from $2 to $5 savings. These are usually found on the Internet and how much the coupon is worth can depend on what coupon site you print it from. These pizzarias are located in the Chicago, Illinois area but are not available elsewhere.

The Giordanos History

Giordanos is a fairly new pizzaria to the food scene and was started in 1974 by two brothers who immigrated to America from Argentina. These two brothers, Efren and Joseph Boglio were both born in a small village near Turin, Italy. Their mother was a local cooking icon for her recipes and her Easter pizzas was one of the family’s favorites. Efren started his career by working at a Chicago pizzaria, but found that the pizzas he was making didn’t suit his palate, so he started his own pizzaria, named Roma, in Chicago. Once his brother, Joseph, arrived in America they decided to open their very own unique pizza restaurant and Giordanos was born. They started with their mother’s recipe and then started experimenting for many months with the stuffed pizza. In fact, Gioranos is credited with inventing the stuffed pizza.

Although these pizzas are a little on the expensive side, they are handmade with pride and care when you order them. Special care goes into using only the freshest of ingredients and this makes it well worth the price. However, if you are short on cash and still want one of these fantastic pizzas, then finding the Giordanos coupons and printing it out will benefit you a lot. If you live in the Chicago area you might even check out the coupon section of your Sunday newspaper for these coupons.

Pizza Is Healthy For You

With the Giordanos coupon you will not only be eating one of the best pizzas ever, but you will also be eating a healthy meal as well. Pizza was originally put in the same class of fast food as hamburgers and other fast foods. However, recent nutritional research has changed that line of thought greatly. The sauce in pizzas contain tomatoes which, in turn, contain lycopene which is a very powerful antioxidant. This helps in the fight against a number of types of cancers. Then there are all of the various toppings which are rich in vitamins and other nutrients which your body needs. There are onions which help to maintain your glucose levels and your blood pressure. Plus there are olives, which are good for those trying to prevent heart disease.

Yes, pizza is very good for you in moderation and with the Giordanos coupon, you can enjoy this treat without guilt over the expense. You can relax and enjoy your Giordanos pizza without a second thought for the price. Your tummy will be happy and so will your wallet.

Giordanos Coupons


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